Sorry, no revolution today.

According to online sources, an armed revolt is starting in Nevada in response to the tyranny of the federal government.  Hordes of armed citizens are showing up to help an innocent rancher defend his cattle from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).  The BLM brought in federal agents with “big guns,” imposed a “no-fly zone,” rounded up the cattle, and sent the cattle to secret “bovine concentration camps.”  While they were at it, they used tasers and dogs to assault innocent protesters.  Eventually, the armed citizens intimidated the BLM so much that they backed down and gave the cattle back.  Meanwhile, the mainstream media have either ignored the story or told the government’s version, because of course the mainstream media are evil, and only bloggers will tell you the real story.  The BLM’s motive is to protect tortoises while using the land for oil production (by fracking, of course) and solar power — which, if true, would be quite a feat of land management.

According to those same sources, the rancher has been grazing 900 head of cattle on public land without a permit and without paying fees, and the BLM has let him get away with it for 20 years.  In videos that protesters have posted online, you can see the events that preceded the tasing, which included protesters placing themselves in front of a moving dump truck and shouting at BLM rangers.  The dogs are there but don’t seem to be doing anything.  In a separate incident, people with guns blocked I-15, occupied an overpass, and pointed their weapons at BLM rangers below.  After negotiations (which had started before the militia convergence), the BLM returned all the cattle, which obviously survived the “bovine concentration camps.”  They’ll eventually get to go to the feedlot and slaughterhouse like they’re supposed to.  The BLM, recognizing that the situation was out of hand, backed off to avoid violence.  And the no-fly zone?  Temporary flight restrictions are actually quite common, and not because the government is trying to prevent people from seeing bovine concentration camps.

I have personally been chased by a rancher, who fired a gun and yelled that I was on “private property.”  I was, in fact, on BLM land.  I have seen grass growing on the White Sands Missile Range while adjacent land was overgrazed and barren.  When the government lets a rancher make money off public land for twenty years before finally evicting him, that’s not tyranny.  When rangers face an angry mob and do little more than speak sternly and tase the worst of them, that’s not tyranny.  When federal agents decide to leave a bunch of crazy people with guns alone, that’s neither tyranny nor a revolution.  I hate to break this to you, but it won’t inspire the general population to arm themselves.  If the mainstream media aren’t covering an eviction, it’s because it’s not news.  The only news here is that a bunch of nut jobs tried to provoke an armed conflict, and the rangers decided to go away and let them cool down.


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