Romney’s Fantasy of Blame

Mitt Romney is happy that domestic oil production has increased in recent years, but he wants to make sure we don’t thank the president for it. Today, Romney pointed out that the Red Sox won the World Series while he was the governor, but he doesn’t get to take credit for it, so Obama doesn’t get to take credit for increased oil production.

In the same speech, Romney blamed Obama for high gasoline prices and the lack of jobs. In fact, blaming the president for everything bad that has happened during his term is basically what all of Romney’s speeches are about. Even when something good happens, such as a drop in the unemployment rate or an increase in oil production, Romney blames the president for not making things even better. In other words, we can give the president blame but not credit for anything that happens while he’s in office.

According to Romney’s logic, even though he can’t take credit for the Red Sox, we can blame him for everything bad that happened during his term as governor. He can also take the blame for everything that might have been better. The famous Big Dig ceiling collapse of 2006? Romney’s fault. And why didn’t the Red Sox win every year while Romney was in office? What was he doing to hinder them?

Veering into the realm of fantasy, Romney said, “All of the decline in the rate of unemployment, from 10 percent at its peak to 8.1 percent now, is due, not to job creation, it’s been due to people dropping out of the workforce.” Even when the statistics show that things are clearly improving, you can blame the incumbent. All you have to do is pretend that the numbers are lying.

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